The Entrepreneur’s Secret to Creating Wealth: How The Smartest Business Owners Build Their Fortunes

An often overlooked secret to creating wealth as a business owner has little to do with actually running the business. Marketing, customer service, quality products, and more are required to make a business successful…but when it comes to creating real and lasting wealth, decisions regarding this key “secret” will have the greatest impact. As both a small business lender and a small business owner himself, Chris Hurn has a bird’s eye view of how businesses create wealth, as well as an in-the-trenches perspective on the tough decisions that must be made if a business is to go from good to great.In The Entrepreneur’s Secret to Creating Wealth, Chris explains the myriad of factors and variables involved in this significant wealth-creation strategy. Plenty of books describe how entrepreneurs can create more ideas or have happier employees. But no other business book outlines in such detail — or with such authority — how to actually develop the wealth behind the business.

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  1. Liquidhandle "bjh080706" says:

    Great insight for any brick and mortar business… So I just finished reading this book after having a friend recommend it to me. I work in finance currently, and have worked in Real Estate, so I am always looking to fill in the gaps in my knowledge.This book does an excellent job of walking a prospective commercial property buyer through all the options available to them. It basically espouses what I call the “McDonald’s Method” of real estate investing. Sure, McDonald’s might sell hamburgers and french fries, but they’re really in the business of real estate, owning commercial property worldwide, typically with their restaurants as a tenant. They have been extremely successful in growing their asset base as a result. This method provides a stable way to invest and grow cashflow, eliminating a great deal of the risk in being a landlord.Now, with this piece of the puzzle, it makes a whole lot more sense. Using Chris’ expert level knowledge about SBA loans (essentially a lower risk debt structure for both the lender and the borrower) you are able to have the government finance part of the debt, through a bond, and its much easier to stomach for everyone involved. Better leverage and solid rates make this the best time in recent history to be building asset ownership.If you own a small business, or a large chain, and you’re not using these strategies to grow your wealth using commercial real estate, you’re missing out. And I’d be hard pressed to find anyone who knows more about this subject than the author of this book. He has been a champion of this lending program for years, and done hundreds of these loans through his bank. He provides great examples of real life case studies where these loans have helped business owners become their own landlords instead of paying rent to make someone else rich.I now have yet another tool in my entrepreneurial tool belt that I didn’t know existed, and will be better equipped to plan for enterprise operations in the future, no matter what endeavor I choose. Highly recommended.

  2. John "gCaptain" says:

    read it today Chris Hurn’s book will get you to that point where you will build a business and an infrastructure for profitable growth. If you’ve ever dreamed of pitching starting a business but the costs of ownership seem daunting- the read this. If you already run a small business then read this first! This book will get you to needing more capacity to serve more customers.Chris doesn’t have to impress anyone, he has proven his success several times over, and this book tells you how.John Konrad, author of

  3. Aly says:

    Its About Time! Thank you to Author Chris Hurn who has finally brought to the marketplace a book for the Commercial Real Estate consumer looking to SBA for their financing needs. I was thrilled to read a book that finally allows the buyer/borrower to get a clear and concise ‘how to’ and what to expect when using the SBA programs. He has brought his expertise and attention to detail to the pages of this book making this a must read and a great gift for my clients considering the SBA program.I further value and was touched by the personal side Chris shares in his book. I truly relate to the story about his Mom, their relationship and how instrumental she was to him as a child and growing up.What a great book!!! I highly recommend it…..

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