Pat Mesiti Pathways to Prosperity

Born to two alcoholic parents in a poor suburb, Pat Mesiti was an unhappy and rebellious child who was always in trouble.Pat MesitiGrowing up in violent gangs, he was heading for rock bottom until he found a pathway up and out of poverty and misery.

A few years later, Pat was a famous author and speaking internationally. Fame and money flowed until he hit a second speed bump, and his life almost fell apart. Listen in to find out how this amazing man overcame the odds and manifested his destiny all over again, bigger and brighter than before.

We chat to Pat about falling down, bouncing back, overcoming adversity, anxiety and more. A wonderful and powerful human being, Pat has invested 35 years into assisting millions of people to build wealth, happiness and true prosperity in their lives. He is the author of 9 books on wealth, relationships, business and prosperity and has raised over half a million dollars for charities. Find out Pat Mesiti’s secret cashflow formula that he personally uses, to create more money, build better relationships and establish personal success in life.


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