Keys to Freedom

Trish Jenkins was a “normal” woman: a wife, a mother, she went to church and went to work in a regular job. Suddenly her “normal” life was torn apart. She was taken from h


er young children and locked in prison.What could she do? How would she cope? What lessons can you learn from someone who went through a living nightmare? If you’re feeling trapped or alone, you need to listen to Trish’s story of overcoming adversity.

Small hinges swing big doors! One small decision can change your life for better or worse.

Trish is living proof that success and failure hinge on our perspective. Perspective is more Powerful than Attitude. You “adopt” an attitude. A perspective reflects your “inner self.” Your perspective affects decision making, problem solving and relationships. No matter the challenge, what could destroy us can actually serve us. In fact we can “change our past to free our future.”

Mon, June 4, 2012

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