James Freestun: From Tradesman to Accelerated Success

James Freestun was an apprentice carpenter and within five years worked his way up to manage a team of 500 people.


His methods of time management and goal-setting have been used by many large corporations and he has spoken in several countries about leadership, goal setting and sales.

James’ techniques are now used by banks, airlines, oil companies and other companies, to improve bottom line and market position. His book “Accelerated Success” shows you how a tradesman became an international CEO and training specialist. What is possible in your life?

James Freestun, Managing Director for Solutions in Engineering and Solutions in Fire, has worked directly in the Strata and Property Development Industry for the past 16 years, before that holding management positions in industries including landscaping, construction, real estate, hospitality and sales. He spent a number of years on the professional speaking circuit working for companies like Microsoft, BP, National Australia Bank and Flight Centre. He uses these skills to communicate a message about the strata industry as a whole which is:-

  • We have a great future with urban planners supporting infill strata development;
  • We must work to ensure that our industry group are heard by government and media; and
  • As an institute we must continue to add value to those who own, manage and occupy strata buildings through education, representation and communication.

James is passionate about the strata industry and committed to ensuring our sector that houses more than 2 million Australians represents their needs and concerns and achieves progressive change.

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