How I Learned To Love Myself Through Internet Dating

Australia’s best loved husband and wife psychic duo, K and Dr. Michael Taylor, are internationally renowned healers,Dating the Messenger Book

teachers, motivational speakers, clairvoyants and authors of the book, Dating the Messenger. They lead inspirational workshops and meditations to help all individuals Connect with Spirit™. Their mission is to reduce conflict, inspire excellence, and promote wellness so that people can live a more rewarding life.

The K and Dr Michael Story
K_brisbanepsychicclairvoyantConnect with Spirit™ is a leading Australian company of psychic authors and public speakers that teach meditation and spiritual development workshops worldwide.

Our mission is to reduce conflict, inspire excellence, and promote wellness with a healthy spiritual awareness by exploring one’s spiritual truths, so that people can live a more rewarding life by theDrMichael_medicalintuitive alignment or the realignment of mind, body and spirit.

Our specialty is teaching I Connect with Spirit meditation and intuitive skills development workshops, but we speak on a variety of topics and give live audience psychic readings and channeled messages from Spirit.

Based in South Brisbane, QLD Australia, Connect With Spirit Pty Ltd was founded in 2007 by an internationally-renowned husband and wife psychic team: Australian psychic medium and channeler, clairvoyant K Taylor, who was blessed with psychic abilities since the age of five; and, Dr. Michael Taylor, M.D., a board-certified U.S. internist physician, who left his hospitalist medical practice in N.C in 2006 to work full-time as a psychic, medical intuitive and energy healer. Dr. Michael has gained notoriety for his angel photo and his medical intuition and healing ability after his healing session with famed Hay House author, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Together, they wrote their first novel in 2010, Dating the Messenger, inspiring many with the hilarious true story of the extraordinary life of K, a woman who unsuccessfully looks for love through online dating, meeting many ‘animals’ along the way, to her eventual pairing up with Dr. Michael. Dating the Messenger continues to sell well internationally since its release.

The psychic couple is known for the Connect with Spirit™ method for meditation, described on the 2009 Discover Your True Journey CD, which continues to be a strong seller on iTunes. K and Dr Michael incorporate their meditation method during their Brisbane meditation circles and workshops. What makes their meditations unusual is they involve K’s unique vortexing and Dr. Michael’s playing of the aboriginal instrument, the didgeridoo, as a vibrational healing tool
with its distinctive and meditative sound.

Several other books and guided meditations are soon to be released in 2012 and 2013.

To learn more about K and Dr Michael, Brisbane’s husband and wife psychic duo, please visit the Connect with Spirit™ website at


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