From Homeless Teen Mother To International Businesswoman

Stacey Currie ticks all the boxes on a checkered past, having been raised in a motherless household, living in governmentmybiz housing, child sexual abuse, aged 13 and living in a shed, age 15 and pregnant, age 19 with 2 babies and homeless, age 21 with 3 kids and living in a violent relationship.

Remarkably Stacey managed to defy the odds in a spectacular way by getting up when everyone had counted her out. Stacey started and grew a small business from $100 of sales per month to a whopping $100,000 per month…an achievement that won her a nomination in the Australian Women in Business Awards.

She is now a successful business owner, an author and an international speaker.
Stacey Currie is living proof that you CAN overcome the odds. She lives by her motto: “if you are powered by passion all things are possible”.

The Stacey Currie Story …

Stacey is author of The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Can Too, a mum, speaker, businesswoman and has an extensive media profile appearing in several newspapers, magazines and television programs.

A mother at 16, and now a busy 32 year old mum of 5 children, she still finds time to keep fit, run a successful business “Brand Print Australia” and stay passionate about helping others to achieve. A published author, speaker and the Official Ambassador for the Lighthouse Foundation and Brave Heart Foundation, Stacey provides support and education to 609221-stacey-currieyoung homeless mums with scrambled dreams and empowers them to clear a path to safety and success.

I moved past having no Mum, being sexually abused at the age of nine, falling pregnant at the age of fifteen, being homeless with two babies, living in a violent relationship with three children at twenty one, to now living a life filled with all my dreams and goals.

I have attended countless workshops and seminars and bought so many books hoping for an answer. It took me a long time to realize the answers I was searching for were often in fact right inside me.


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