Creating Wealth: Retire in Ten Years Using Allen’s Seven Principles of Wealth, Revised and Updated

With over two million copies of his books in print, Robert G. Allen has become a national phenomenon. His innovative investment strategies have helped thousands create their own wealth, and in this new and revised edition of “Creating Wealth” you’ll discover the Allen way to financial success.

Programmed to think that saving is good, debt and risk-taking bad, we disqualify ourselves from ever having a chance at big money. The first step in creating wealth is to stop “thinking poor.” Then you’re ready to create your own version of the Allen plan, keyed to integrating real estate with other wealth-generating investments.

These principles and others can start you on the path of financial self-reliance:

* The Automatic Pilot Principle

* Enormous Profits in Discounted Mortgages

* Numismatics: the Secret of the Midas Touch

* Liquid Money and Where to Pour It

* Insulating Your Assets from Liability and Lawyers

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3 Comments to “Creating Wealth: Retire in Ten Years Using Allen’s Seven Principles of Wealth, Revised and Updated”

  1. Kazu says:

    Creating Wealth is still a winner. I just picked up a copy of Creating Wealth earlier today after having bought other books by the author like Multiple Streams of Income and The 1-Minute Millionaire.

  2. Anonymous says:

    outdated and questionable information A read of Allen’s book is interesting because it presents a different viewpoint on real estate. Being a novice in real estate, it provided me with information on many aggressive strategies. However, also being a CPA, I believe that they are excessively risky and are not necessarily financially sound.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You can’t beat the classics! The excellent book by Robert G. Allen was originally released back in 1986, but the advice is timeless.

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