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Welcome to The Wealth Boomerang Show

We believe that whatever you value is wealth to you, and we believe that whatever you send out, will come back to you.

Each week, we speak to people who have operated their wealth boomerangs correctly. They may have boomeranged back from tragedy to triumph, or boomeranged back from rags to riches. Either way, their stories will touch, move, inspire and instruct you on your journey.

What is wealth?

Is this a show about money? Well, yes and no. The real question is, “what does wealth mean, to you?” For those who are short on cash, additional money may give them a feeling of wealth. For those who already have millions of dollars, they may want additional time to spend with their loved ones. An elderly billionaire may be happy to trade millions for more years of life or give all their money for good health. Some people may want a deeper or more fulfilling spiritual connection.

We define wealth as “anything you value”. Whatever it is that you value most; that is what we want for your life.