13 habits that made me a billionaire

Lucas Remmerswaal has 15 years of technical background in financial planning, investment and insurance. Inspired by lucas_remmerswaal_who_is_touring_new_zealand_teach_4f7c295df0investment guru Warren Buffett, Lucas has investigated every aspect of what makes an ordinary person able to become a billionaire.

Some of the methods he mentions may seem non-financial, metaphysical or spiritual, but they WORK! Lucas has written several books about Warren Buffett’s methods, and has simplified the concepts to the point where he can teach 5 year old children how to be like Buffett.

Lucas travels the world, speaking, teaching and giving away thousands of books to children from age 5 to 95. Could you learn to be a billionaire by reading a children’s book?


Mon, December 3, 2012

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