You Send Out!

Comes Back To You!

Get Your Wealth Boomerang

By combining the idea of law of Attraction and the boomerang we have reinvented this ancient tool into a powerful Law of Attraction tool. The idea is simple. What you send out comes back to you. This can be your thoughts, your actions or a boomerang.

Chattin Media

hattin Media began as Chattin in Manhattan with two hosts and one show that aired once a week. Over the last two years Kim Ward and Garth Sandiford have grown their once a week show into a six-day a week, multiple show format. With hosts located in Thailand, New Zealand, Australia and the US it was time to expand and Chattin Media was born.
James Freestun
James Freestun was an apprentice carpenter and within five years worked his way up to manage a team of 500 people. His methods of time management
K and Michael Taylor
Australia’s best loved husband and wife psychic duo, K and Dr. Michael Taylor, are internationally renowned healers, teachers, motivational speakers, clairvoyants and authors of the
Dale Beaumont
Marketing is the key to success in any business and Dale Beaumont joins host Jeremy Britton to talk about “The Seven *NEW* Rules of Marketing” Dale
Lisa Murray
Business author Lisa Murray found that many business owners were overworked and overstressed, without fun or life flow. When going from “work” to running your
Matt and Amanda Clarkson
Amanda & Matt Clarkson were an "ordinary" couple who worked hard, sweating it out over 40-50 hours a week. How did they transform their lives and
Jairek Robbins
Jairek Robbins did his first ever firewalk at a personal development seminar before he started kindergarten. He grew up in the self-help industry and had
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